Customer feedback

“Support from Complium Accounts helps me focus on growing my business, knowing that my accounting is well taken care of and that any questions I have will be promptly answered with just a phone call or email.”

Henrik Ojamaa

Dividend Athlete OÜ Founder/CEO

“We are very satisfied with Complium Accounts work. We have always received answers to our questions and we appreciate that they are solution-oriented. I could say that speed and accuracy are also key words that are of great value to us in this case.”

Margit Lääne

OÜ Estmar ML, Board Member

“I am very satisfied with the service and I would confidently recommend Complium Accounts to anyone who needs professional accounting services. The team is quick to respond, helpful, and always provides answers to any questions I have. I value my partnership with them and appreciate their willingness to think along with me. This shows their dedication and makes me feel valued as a customer.”

Annika Kiirend

EA Group OÜ, CEO

“We have been working together with Complium Accounts for several years now. We are very satisfied with the service they provide. All of our most complex problems are always professionally solved.”

Ivar Nelk

YesBus OÜ, CEO

“When I started my business, accounting seemed like a simple task and hiring a full-time specialist seemed like a significant cost. I turned to Ederly for consultation on how to correctly record my company’s expenses and revenues. As my business grew, I realised that instead of spending hours navigating the unknown world of bookkeeping, it would be reasonable to focus on of core of the business and leave this aspect of the business to the specialists. Several years later, as my business has grown both in turnover and in the sectors it operates in, I cannot imagine restructuring this part of my business, because I feel that Complium Accounts has become part of my company’s microsystem. No matter where my enterprise reaches in the future, I am confident that the Complium Accounts team will always be by my side and offer solutions to all of my questions.”

Kertu-Kai Erm

Fantastico OÜ, Founder/CEO

“I am very satisfied with the company’s cooperation. All questions receive answers immediately and work on reports is completed within a few days. Excellent and reliable company with whom we will definitely continue to cooperate for many more years.”

Kätlin Gröön

Jalavari OÜ, CEO

“Hara Sailing Association is a client of Complium Accounts for the simple reason that we value quick and thorough responses in any situation, even when presenting the most basic accounting questions. We handle our accounting ourselves, so operational questions arise all the time. All we have to do is write to Ederly and we have an answer. We recommend Complium Accounts’ accounting services to everyone.”

Sandra Liis Hääl

Hara Seilamise Selts