Tax accounting and consultation

Tax laws are becoming increasingly complex and nuanced over time. It is becoming an increasingly challenging task for business owners to keep up with all tax-related issues and this is driving demand for tax consulting services. Analyzing tax issues helps to avoid mistakes in paying taxes and also avoiding legal violations.

Tax accounting and consultation

What do we offer?

We offer support to our clients in solving tax issues and provide assurance that a company’s tax affairs are correctly and timely organized.
We help managers analyze the tax consequences and tax costs associated with the company’s transactions, which in turn helps them make informed decisions.
We ensure correct and efficient tax accounting by avoiding all possible risks.
We keep our clients up to date with changing tax laws and stand for ensuring that managers understand all the tax nuances of their business activities.
If necessary, we assist in communication with tax authorities in the event of a tax audit or tax dispute.


Value-added, excise and/or customs duties constitute an important part of a company’s cash flow and affect the company’s budget. We monitor the principles of a company’s tax accounting and advise on how to plan these payments. We help streamline business processes and reduce costs through a tax policy in compliance with the law.

Proper planning of value-added tax can optimize a company’s costs and increase the value of the company. Our services include an analysis and assessment of a company’s value-added tax treatment. We identify risks and provide advice on how to reduce them and help find ways to improve and optimize cash flow.

Value-added tax services include:

  • consultation of value-added tax and other indirect taxes
  • determination of the tax rate of cross-border transactions
  • requirement compliance with value-added tax
  • registration as a tax liable person
  • tax accounting and reporting
  • advice on sectors regulated by special regimes
  • taxation of e-services
  • tax consultation of services related to crypto currencies
  • taxation of cross-border trade.


Corporate income tax directly affects investments. In Estonia, there is no classic taxation of profits, as a result of which it is possible to postpone corporate income tax until the profit is actually paid out. While seemingly simple, this system carries both risks and opportunities. We help to assess these based on the needs of the company. In the case of corporate income tax, it is important to plan, have correct tax accounting and control, and have professional cooperation with the tax authorities.

Corporate income tax services:

  • advice of suitable business forms and legal structures
  • advice on the inflow and outflow of equity
    taxation of dividends
  • consideration of tax exemptions and foreign income tax paid
  • advice on retained corporate income tax
  • support in special tax advantage issues


Taxation is a relatively complex field in accounting. We ensure our clients do not get into tax disputes. In order to do so, we help to prevent tax problems, limit tax risks and ensure smooth communication with the Tax Office.

We assist companies on the following topics regarding the communication with the Tax Office:

  • preparing inquiries to the Tax Office
  • applying for binding preliminary rulings
  • answering inquiries in the application for a VAT number
  • pre-review of tax audits
  • advising of tax audits