Personnel and payroll accounting

According to legislation, personnel accounting is the accounting of the individuals working in the company, starting with the formation of employment relationships, changes in working conditions and ending with the termination of employment contracts. We ensure that employment relationships comply with legal acts and all personnel documents are correctly formatted throughout the employment relationship.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with full solutions, so in addition to personnel accounting, we can also cover payroll needs in matters related to employees.

Payroll is a field where laws often change and correct accounting requires a thorough knowledge of regulations. This is also one of the main reasons why companies prefer to outsource this service.

Personnel and payroll accounting

We use the web-based payroll software Merit Palk, which is simple to use. The program is equipped with interfaces to communicate with the customer’s accounting software. The payroll software follows the principle of separation of roles and ensures password-protected information exchange. Processing, storing and transmitting personal data is in accordance with applicable requirements.

  • The payroll service includes:
    payroll set up
  • monthly payroll, including salary, bonuses, vacation and sick leave benefits, and final pay
  • salaries tax accounting
  • preparation and submission of declarations to the Tax and Customs Board
  • preparation and submission of reports to the Statistics Office
  • registration of employees in the Tax and Customs Board’s register of employees
  • transfer of salaries and taxes
  • communication with the Health Insurance Fund and the Tax and Customs Board
  • advice on labor legislation, taxation and personnel matters
  • preparation of employment contracts