About us

Complium Accounts OÜ is a modern accounting and financial advisory company based in Estonia, founded in 2020. In the two years of our operations, our client base has grown upto 100 clients and our team currently includes 6 dedicated and professional accountants. Our rapid growth comes to the fact that in addition to traditional accounting, we are committed to expanding our range of services in such a way that we can offer our clients full financial services solutions based on their exact needs. In addition, we specialize in virtual currencies and stock investments, in which we also have significant international experience. This is a great strength in the eyes of foreign clients in the Estonian market.

Ederly Talu

CEO/Chief Accountant

“Although Complium Accounts OÜ was only established a few years ago, the brand has the same passion and dedication for the field as I have had while working in accounting and entrepreneurship.

Over the past 15 years, I have worked in a family business, as well as in small, medium, and large companies, and have been an entrepreneur myself. I have worked as an assistant, a CEO’s right hand, a salesperson, a bookkeeper, a financial manager, an entrepreneur, and an employer, which has given me a good overview of the business processes from very different angles.

Throughout these years of experience, I’ve learned that while the pains and gains of all sectors and companies are unique, one important factor that determines their success and future is their numbers and how they are interpreted into decision-making.

Over the years, I have learned that the formula for the success of an excellent team does not consist only of people with the longest work experience and the widest range of expertise. For Complium Accounts, a strong team consists of people with very different backgrounds. Just as I value experience, a broad perspective, and expertise in people, I also value their willingness to learn and adapt, curiosity and ambition. In today’s dynamic world, we need people around us who inspire, support, and challenge each other when necessary. For me, the ideal combination in a team is people with different backgrounds, abilities, skills, and interests.

Today, accounting field is no longer what it was 15 years ago. This sector has developed enormously and is constantly changing at an unprecedented pace. This has been impacted by the development of information technology and by the changing legislations that help to grow and regulate the economy in a better way. It is increasingly difficult and expensive for companies to keep up with the opportunities in this field on their own. I realised that if I wanted to offer a company the maximum benefit in its field, it would be significantly more efficient to do so in cooperation with a professional team.

That is why I founded Complium Accounts – to offer companies a team of professionals who can keep up with the ever-changing accounting landscape and provide them with comprehensive and reliable support.”